James Gilliard's Fundraising Page
James Gilliard's Fundraising Page
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At 39, I am starting my fifth year of doing Triathlons.  Without Dare2Tri, the one I signed up for in 2015 because it looked fun would have been a ‘one and done’.  But because of support and encouragement from the entire organization and teammates, I will have completed more than 50 by year’s end.

While there have been challenges at times, the support network and family environment that is at the core of Dare2Tri continually helps me to keep pushing forward.  Being able to draw on that network helps me to keep pushing through those challenges and towards my athletic and Triathlon goals.  And this isn’t the only way in which Dare2Tri has and continues to help me.

I am excited about the 2019 season and am looking forward to great successes throughout!  

Please consider supporting Dare2Tri, who has supported my Triathalon endeavors since the beginning.  Every donation will help them empower others!

ABOUT 2019 Development Teams
Name Date Amount Comments
Henry and Lynn Taylor 07/22/2019 $230.00 Ride on, James!
Molly Lethert 03/29/2019 $20.00  
  Total $250.00